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review_o_rama's Journal

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Welcome to Review-O-Rama! This community is for the purpose of....reviews. Duh. You can review anything you want....movies, games, books, major and minor household appliances, cars, pets, shampoo, anything your little heart feels should tell the world.

Ok, here's the basic concept. You just read a book...or watched a movie...or test drove a vehicle....or went to a restaurant...or tried that new flavor of soda that just came out....or tried a new petfood for your hermit crab....whatever. You feel that others should know how amazing, mediocre, or nightmarish this thing is, and this is the place to share that.

Basic layout is 'Subject: Type and Item being reviewed. i.e. Movie: Lord of the Rings, special edition...or Candy: Liquid Snot' Then a brief, no more than a couple lines, synopsis of your review. Do an lj-cut for the rest of your review. If you want to use the good old Stars or coffee cups or numbered rating system, go ahead. Recommended that the rating go in front-post and not the cut.

This is a new thing and we'll fiddle with it as we go. Have fun!